Exceeding your customers' expectations is now easy

New ways to delight

We have transformed order tracking into an exciting brand engagement opportunity – one that your customers will love.

You have their attention

78% of customers click through to branded content. They then spend an average of 4 minutes engaging with it.

End-to-end branding

Consistent brand ownership across multiple geographies and delivery partners.

Connect with your customer

On average, those who open the tracking link spend around 4 minutes looking at it. So now you have it, what will you do with their attention? Build your brand, cross-sell other products, ask for referrals, promote special offers and coupons.

Your business, your branding

Configure the look and feel of the tracking page. Your colors, logo and icon to represent the delivery driver.

Take it to the next level

Add branded video, images, sponsored calls to action and block text to your driver tracking page with VROMO’s tracking link campaigns.

  • Display special offer coupons and link to a landing page
  • Offer a complimentary product or service and link to a landing page
  • Offer coupons for referrals and link to your referral programme
  • Advertise an upcoming event and link to the event page
  • Advertise your new ordering app and link to the app store

Run multiple tracking link campaigns

Design multiple tracking link pages each with different designs for different vendors or on a job-by-job basis.

  • Set different tracking links for different job sources – e.g. add a coupon to tracking links for food orders coming from a paid ordering platform to encourage the next order to come from your own website
  • Provide a delivery service to multiple vendors/brands and have every tracking link branded
  • Allow one of your vendors to cross-sell another product or service without affecting other vendors

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