We help you connect with your customers

Software that builds relationships

We create restaurant delivery software that makes your customer switch off autopilot and see you for who you are.

VROMO empowers brands to make meaningful connections that lead to higher engagement, loyalty and retention.

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Combine delivery with brand engagement

Strong Roots

VROMO helped STRONG ROOTS amplify their campaign with our engagement platform.

What we do

We help brands connect with customers in targeted and strategic ways,while streamlining delivery and increasing engagement and retention.

VROMO software opens a whole new channel for marketing activities,meaning more opportunities to connect, surprise and inspire.

Good for customers and good for businesses – we’ve transformed the traditional cost of sale tool into a combined cost of acquisition platform.

Less process, lower costs and more time for your customers.

Restaurant delivery software

Order tracking for customers

Brand engagement platform

Dedicated to the restaurant sector

Our clients

Customer centric brands already using VROMO

MenuLog Just Eat KFC Burger King Papa John's Strong Roots

Delivery Software

Discover how easy it is to optimise your deliveries with VROMO.

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Engagement Platform

Discover how VROMO helps customers connect with your brand.

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